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Beyond Data Aggregation

While other risk tools rely on data aggregation to provide a risk forecast based on past claims and Rx data, Verikai takes a different approach. Our solution leverages 5,000+ behavioral insights and applied data to deliver precise results without the need for prior claims data or risk history. Our extensive database of over 1.3 trillion data points ensures the most accurate risk predictions, every time.

A Loss Ratio Improvement Tool

Choose Verikai to improve your underwriting process and reduce loss ratios. Unlike other tools that rely solely on claims severity and regression testing, Verikai’s advanced AI modeling techniques and extensive database provide more accurate assessments of risk without solely relying on prior data. Our solutions have been proven to increase confidence in underwriting decisions and improve loss ratios across multiple lines of business.

Why Verikai?

See why our tool benefits underwriters looking to work with groups whether they’re under 50 lives or over 500.

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Advanced AI algorithms
Prior claims data
Rx data
Behavioral data
Future risk predictions
Data validation
Competitive pricing

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