Pharmaceuticals and Predictive Modeling: A Match Made in Health Tech 


In the rapidly evolving landscape of health risk management, predictive modeling is proving to be a powerful ally for plan sponsors and health risk management vendors. In essence, predictive modeling utilizes statistical techniques and artificial intelligence to analyze vast data sets and forecast future outcomes. Its application within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries has expanded […]

Improving Health Equity through Data-Driven Underwriting 

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Health equity, the concept of ensuring everyone has fair access to health insurance and care, has become a critical objective for the insurance industry. Unfortunately, traditional underwriting methods often lead to disparities in access and pricing, exacerbating health inequalities. Data-driven underwriting emerges as a promising solution, offering the potential to make more accurate risk assessments […]

Build or Buy? What to Consider When Looking at Predictive Models


In today’s digital age, predictive models have become an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to anticipate trends, enhance performance, and drive strategic decision-making. Whether it’s for forecasting sales, streamlining operations, or identifying potential risks, these sophisticated algorithms leverage historical data to predict future outcomes with a remarkable degree of accuracy. However, the decision to implement […]

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Justin Smith-Sellinger, Cloud Architect at Verikai

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re highlighting our expert Cloud Architect, Justin Smith-Sellinger. He’s relatively new to Verikai, being here just shy of 3 months, and is already making great strides. We’re so excited to have him here and know he’s adding immense value to our technology team. Get to know Justin’s background, his love […]

Verikai Through the Lens of a Former Actuary


Actuaries play an integral role in the underwriting process for any insurance carrier. Their ability to mix data with insights is imperative to keeping books of business afloat and underwriting new and profitable policies. So, what happens when technology has paved the way for better past and present insights regarding underwriting? We sat down with […]

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