Verikai Launches Med/Rx to Give Insurers Robust Insights on Medical Claims & Prescription Data

SAN FRANCISCO, September 6, 2022 – Insurance technology startup, Verikai, launches Med/Rx to build on their existing product base and further optimize the underwriting process for their carrier clients. Verikai uses machine learning models to give insurers a deeper view of risk, using extensive clinical and behavioral data to create risk scores. Now, with the addition […]

Verikai Through the Lens of a Former Actuary


Actuaries play an integral role in the underwriting process for any insurance carrier. Their ability to mix data with insights is imperative to keeping books of business afloat and underwriting new and profitable policies. So, what happens when technology has paved the way for better past and present insights regarding underwriting? We sat down with […]

Understanding the advantages of self-funded health insurance plans

What is a Self-Funded plan? More and more employers are looking to move to self-funded health insurance plans. While fully insured plans certainly have some advantages, self-funding gives more control and flexibility to the employers to create a curated health insurance plan that works better for everyone and can provide cost savings for both employer […]

How Behavioral Data Should Impact Underwriting

At Verikai, we’re using data to transform the insurance underwriting process and ultimately provide our customers with the right tools to better analyze their clients’ risk.  When explaining Verikai to a new prospective customer, family member, or a friend curious about what I do for work, I always share the same example. While my example […]

Health Insurance Challenges and Trends to Watch in 2022

The workplace has changed drastically since the arrival of COVID-19, which continues to fast-track digital transformation initiatives. As the insurance industry responds to rapidly evolving employee needs, the demand for forward-thinking technology capabilities from medical carriers roared last year and will continue to do so in 2022. What hasn’t changed? The fact that the pandemic […]

The IMQ process is flawed. Here’s how alternative data is the solution.

Most underwriters can admit that individual medical questionnaires (IMQs) are neither efficient nor accurate in predicting future insurance claims. What’s wrong with IMQs? For starters, no one particularly likes them. Employees don’t want to send their personal health information to their employers. Employers don’t want to chase after paperwork. Brokers don’t want to nag their […]

About Our Marketplace

The Verikai Marketplace, making it easy for brokers and underwriters to cast a wider net in receiving and binding quotes, will be live in just a few weeks. Today, we are breaking down what to expect, and explaining how this new platform will simplify the placement of group health insurance and allow brokers to write […]

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