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The Folly of Optimizing A, While Caring About B

Nearly every organization that considers partnering with Verikai will go through a proof-of-concept exercise called our “validation process”. However, Verikai’s vast behavioral database enables new machine learning algorithms for which standard goodness-of-fit metrics are not ideal. For... Read More

August 19, 2021
Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Christine Byun, Director of Product at Verikai 

Meet Christine Byun, the driving force behind Verikai’s innovative product strategy. As the head of our product team, Christine is responsible for leading product development, defining the company’s product vision, and ensuring that our products are meeting the needs of our customers. With... Read More

March 1, 2023
Navigating Regulatory Changes in the Insurance Industry: Insights for Established Leaders and Insurtechs to Thrive

As we progress through the first quarter of the year, the insurtech revolution is transforming the insurance industry. We explore the impact of regulatory changes on organizations and provide insights on how both established industry leaders and insurtechs can adapt to the shifting landscape.... Read More

February 28, 2023
Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Jade Moksness, Full Stack Software Engineer at Verikai

In this blog post, we get to know our rockstar Full Stack Software Engineer, Jade Moksness. Jade shares her journey into the world of software engineering and what brought her to Verikai. She also talks about her experience working in the insurtech industry and offers advice to women looking to... Read More

March 22, 2023