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Get acquainted with Capture

Verikai’s Capture for Health platform allows reinsurers and their underwriting clients to segment and price risk more accurately. Verikai’s automated platform returns group- and member-level risk scores within seconds of dragging and dropping a census file.

Identify risk missed by current underwriting methods

Verikai’s state-of-the-art machine learning models outperform other methods of identifying high-cost members by combining known medical and claims data with thousands of behavioral attributes. Carriers, MGUs, and reinsurers use Verikai to flag excess risk not evident from prior claims experience and health questionnaires.

Get real-time, forward driven risk assessments

Verikai constructs a 360-degree behavioral and medical profile for each individual in a census to identify how future risk is likely to look different than the past, even predicting future catastrophic claimants. Real-time data feeds ensure Verikai’s risk scores reflect up-to-date behavioral, clinical, and prescription information.

Increase overall book of business

Improve underwriting clients’ quote turnaround times with Verikai’s rapid risk scoring, and increase price competitiveness by reducing the number of unprofitable groups being subsidized. Growth-oriented carriers and MGUs can strategically target low-risk groups for their most aggressive pricing.

Reinsurers Webinar

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