Boosting patient outcomes with provider data insights.

In the pursuit of excellence in healthcare delivery, providers face the critical tasks of managing risks, containing costs, and elevating patient care. Verikai’s analytics solutions are designed to empower hospitals, doctors, clinics, and health systems with precise data insights for informed decision-making and superior care outcomes.

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our data solutions:

For Health Systems

Health Systems can leverage our comprehensive analytics for system-wide risk management, operational scalability, and strategic planning, ensuring that each facility within the system delivers consistent and cost-effective care.

For Clinics

Clinics can apply our analytics to manage patient populations effectively, identify community health trends, and allocate resources to where they are needed most, ensuring high-quality care in a community-based setting

Optimize patient care with predictive analytics

Deliver patient-centric care using actionable data. Enhance treatment plans, improve health system navigation, and foster patient engagement by leveraging our analytics to understand and predict patient needs accurately.

Our reports offer a granular view of
potential risk.

Population Health Report

Delivers insight into a cohort’s social determinants of health and actionable preventative health suggestions for the group.

Risk Score Report

Provides insight into the relative risk of individuals or groups compared to a standard based on age, gender, and location. It includes scores for overall risk, claim risk, and profitability. Scores include 3 years of medical and pharmaceutical history on the group, social determinants of heath, and behavioral attributes.

Read from a range of healthcare providers, from urban hospitals to rural clinics, about how Verikai revolutionizes their approach to healthcare delivery.

Case study

Example of hospital system

Example of Hospital System use case (ie St Lukes)


Improving Health Equity through Data-Driven Underwriting

Discusses the potential of data-driven underwriting to impact health equity by allowing more accurate risk assessments and fairer pricing.


Effective Health Insurance Risk Management: Reducing Exposure and Maximizing Profitability

Provides insight into how health systems can reduce their exposure to health risk and maximize profitability.

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