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Don’t miss out on behaviors that impact life choices.

While age, smoker status, and medical history are all important factors, what’s often missing in the underwriting process is a thorough understanding of an individual’s behaviors. That’s where Capture for Life comes in. With thousands of behavioral insights and access to over 1.3 trillion data points on the U.S. population, our proprietary AI machine learning modeling can help you accurately assess future risk in real-time, enabling you to offer more customized and profitable life insurance policies. Don’t miss out on the power of behavioral insights – partner with Verikai today and transform your underwriting process.

Improve customer experience
Increase new business
Improve loss ratio
Accelerate underwriting

Generate real results

Utilizing machine learning models puts your life insurance underwriting on the fast track to becoming more efficient, profitable, and better at avoiding high risk situations. Verikai’s Capture for Life helps insurers gain real results with real-time insights into risk portfolio’s for life insurance policies they are underwriting.

20% loss ratio reduction
62% increase in new business
15 hours saved per week in underwriting

Change the way you underwrite life insurance

Looking to streamline your life insurance underwriting process and improve customer experiences? Verikai’s Capture for Life is the answer. Our powerful API integration allows you to easily integrate our solution into your current workflow, delivering real-time risk reports on individuals in just seconds. This means you can confidently underwrite more policies, rapidly scale your book of business, and provide your customers with faster and more accurate policy quotes. Don’t settle for a slow and cumbersome underwriting process – work with Verikai today and transform the way you do business.