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Homeowners are the key to risk assessment.

Capture for Home utilizes advanced machine learning coupled with a robust database of over 330 million individuals, analyzing over thousands of behaviors to predict exposure risk against the five major perils — calibrated to your profitability and growth goals.

Reduce attritional loss trends
Enhance risk segmentation
Improve underwriting efficiency
Quicker risk evaluation

The power of behaviors

Behavioral data is linked to increases in severity and frequency of claims as behaviors can drive some of the biggest lifts in claims. With AI algorithms analyzing large amounts of data, including behavioral data, you can more accurately assess risk for each policy, leading to better decision-making and increased profitability. By leveraging the power of AI predictive modeling, you can also streamline your underwriting process, reducing manual efforts and allowing you to focus on more complex cases that require human expertise. Ultimately, AI predictive modeling with behavioral data enables you to offer more customized and competitive home insurance policies to your customers, while reducing your risk exposure and improving your bottom line.

Up to 3% Reduction in loss ratio
300% Lift across your book
$4mil In savings on average

Underwrite with Verikai

As a home insurance provider, you don’t need to be an expert in your customer’s background to provide accurate coverage. Verikai’s Capture for Home tool assesses the frequency and severity of home claims, utilizing trillions of data points and both coastal and non-coastal data. With this information, we deliver stratified risk-exposure reports to you in real-time via API. This means you can make informed underwriting decisions in just seconds after uploading data, providing you with an edge in the competitive home insurance market.