Health | Verikai

Leverage the power of data.

Our AI-powered machine learning platform gives real-time insights into risks on a group and individual level, all without the need for past claims data. Verikai’s well established database includes more than 7,000 behavioral attributes on 330+ million people in the U.S. Our proprietary machine learning models are trained and calibrated on over 1.3 trillion data points for the health insurance industry.

Reduce loss ratios
Improve underwriting volume
Unique predictive insights
Integrate easily with other tools

Integrate into your underwriting

Move your underwriting into the future with the Verikai platform. Easily upload groups into the platform to get real-time insights on a group’s health and risk profile. Our scores are rolled into impactful reports that help you and your team underwrite more profitable business quickly. Reports are quickly delivered that drive to understanding complete pictures of risk – both past and present. Learn more about the groups you’re looking to underwrite with elevated conditions and prescriptions coupled with advanced machine learning AI predictive scores to see improvements at every stage of your underwriting.

30% Average increase in book size
79% Average profit increase
1-3% Drop in loss ratio

Better insight. Better outcomes.

Machine learning plus behavioral data makes underwriting faster, smarter, and more competitive. By using the only platform on the market that includes behavioral data, these insights can lead to a better understanding of predictive risk. With our robust database, there’s limited need of IHQ’s or access to past claims for groups. Increase your competitive strength in the health insurance space by employing our powerful insights in your underwriting.

Trusted by actuaries

Our models and risk scores have been rigorously tested and validated by actuaries from Wakely Consulting, a respected third party actuarial consulting firm.