Leading the way in healthcare with machine learning and AI-powered decision-making.

Verikai’s products are engineered with AI to turn complex health data into clear, actionable insights. Explore our range of products designed to enhance risk assessment, streamline claims understanding, and drive informed decisions across the healthcare spectrum.


  • Group level risk
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, social determinants of health, and lifestyle data
  • Precision risk analysis


  • Medical claims data
  • De-identified individual medical histories
  • Scores to help determine risk


  • Group level risk
  • Lifestyle data sets and high-cost propensity models
  • Precision risk analysis

Built for all funding arrangements in healthcare.

Stop-loss, fully-insured, level-funded — our machine learning models are built to support the healthcare industry whatever your funding arrangement might be.

Seamless API Integration

All our products are built for seamless API integration into existing systems, ensuring that you can start leveraging our products with minimal to no disruption in your operational processes. 

Testimonials and Use Cases

Hear from our satisfied clients across the healthcare industry who have transformed their operations with our products.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your healthcare data? Contact us for a demo and see our products in action.

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