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Advanced machine learning

World class algorithms automatically improve risk prediction from experience and use

Powerful API

Integration into any system to automate underwriting

Real-time data processing

Billions of calculations impacting 1.3 trillion data points

Privacy-focused cloud

Secure tokenization with homomorphic encryption

Underwriting support for better risk analysis

Behavioral data

The 35,000 decisions we make every day predict risk better than any other available data.

Machine learning

Let the latest Machine Learning technology work for you in analyzing groups of any size.

No data? No problem.

Underwrite groups with limited or no data to close more business and improve profitability.

Think beyond the manual

Step into the future of underwriting

Moments away from better predictions

Easy setup means you get to serve your clients better and faster.

Upload the census of the group you’re quoting.
We match data to the individuals in the group.
We will calculate the risk of the individuals and the group and provide it back to you in a capture report.
We provide the documentation you need to calibrate the score to your manual.