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Data-Driven Risk Insights for Healthcare Payers

Navigate the complexities of healthcare with Verikai’s predictive analytics platform. Our solutions offer insurers, health plans, employers, and managed care organizations a competitive advantage through improved risk assessment, cost management, and operational efficiency

Boost your underwriting accuracy with our data solutions:

For Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can benefit from our tailored risk scores to refine policy pricing, identify high-risk groups, and create competitive insurance products that cater to diverse demographics.

MEWAs, PEOs, Captives

MEWAs, PEOs, and Captives can leverage Verikai’s predictive analytics for optimized risk assessment, fraud prevention, and coverage customization, ensuring efficient decision-making.

For Health Plans

Health Plans can leverage our data to design benefit programs that meet the specific needs of their members, control costs through better risk stratification, and improve member retention with personalized offerings.

For Employers

Employers can utilize our insights to identify cost containment strategies, manage employee health risks proactively, and negotiate better terms with insurance providers.

Our reports offer a granular view of
potential risk.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Analysis

Offers insight into medical and pharmaceutical risks for a cohort. It includes risk scores, diagnosis and prescription history for the last three years, high-cost condition and drug insights, and identification of the highest risk individuals.

Risk Score Report

Provides insight into the relative risk of individuals or groups compared to a standard based on age, gender, and location. It includes scores for overall risk, claim risk, and profitability. Scores include 3 years of medical and pharmaceutical history on the group, social determinants of heath, and behavioral attributes.

Discover the success stories of diverse healthcare payers who have transformed their risk management strategy with Verikai.

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