Medical and Pharmaceutical

Confidently manage risk with in-depth health data analytics.

Dive deep into the health profiles of your populations with Verikai’s Medical and Pharmaceutical Report. This product delivers a granular view of medical and pharmaceutical risks, allowing healthcare entities to make more informed decisions backed by extensive data analysis.

Med/Rx Overview

Our report distills complex health data into actionable insights, revealing critical risk factors and trends that can influence healthcare outcomes. It encompasses a wide range of data, including diagnosis and prescription histories over the last three years, insights into high-cost conditions and medication usage, and pinpointing the highest risk individuals within a cohort.


Comprehensive risk scores that include detailed medical and prescription history.

Analysis of high-cost conditions and pharmaceuticals for better financial forecasting.

Identification of high-risk individuals for targeted care management.

Historical data trends to inform future healthcare strategies.


Improve the accuracy of medical risk assessments.

Anticipate high-cost medical and pharmaceutical needs for budgeting and planning.

Facilitate targeted intervention strategies to manage high-risk cases.

Enhance patient care with personalized data insights.


Healthcare Payers:

Utilize the report to adjust your underwriting processes and manage claims more effectively.

Healthcare Providers:

Apply insights to improve patient care plans and outcomes.


Leverage detailed analytics to advise clients on healthcare strategies and risk management.

Why Choose Verikai’s Medical and Pharmaceutical Report?

With Verikai’s Medical and Pharmaceutical Report, you gain access to a depth of data analytics unparalleled in the industry. Our advanced tools and algorithms offer a detailed risk landscape, providing a substantial foundation for strategic healthcare decision-making.

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