Med/Rx | Verikai

Don’t miss high cost claimants

Underwriting without data-driven tools can lead to high cost conditions and drugs being missed. Med/Rx can help you find high-cost markers like:

Mental illness & drug abuse
Prescriptions & vaccinations
Chronic conditions

Reports with actionable insights

Med/Rx gives insights into medical claims records and prescriptions. Instead of sorting through tens of thousands of ICD-10 codes, Med/Rx breaks down complex claims for easily interpreted reports for faster and more accurate underwriting. You’ll see prescription data to find high-cost drugs to better understand high cost conditions that drive group spend. Carriers who use Med/Rx reports can make faster underwriting decisions for groups, reducing costs and speeding up new policy issuance. 

Integrate Med/Rx into your underwriting

Pair Med/Rx with our Capture for Health tool to improve your insights into groups – whether that’s revealing critical medical conditions and prescriptions or confirming good risk for a particular group. Learn about a group’s medical and prescription history same day instead of waiting weeks or finding out after binding policies.

Interested in using Med/Rx? Contact us to schedule a demo to show how Med/Rx can improve your underwriting, ROI, and confidence in policy decision making.