Marketplace | Verikai
Connecting brokers & underwriters across the US
Utilizing Verikai’s machine learning models to assess risk
Contact, negotiate, and sign in a fraction of the time

The Marketplace Process

Simplify the placement of group health insurance.

The go-to tool for stop loss coverage

Creating new market relationships

Verikai has validated a panel of carriers and MGUs that are willing to provide competitive rates based on Verikai scoring alone. Brokers will upload census data to the Marketplace portal and receive a list of Verikai-approved underwriters who are willing to write the group.

Write more groups, place more business

The Marketplace offers a new way to connect brokers with carriers outside their usual networks. Verikai’s Marketplace provides a simple way to write traditionally “high risk” groups (due to lack of claims data). All censuses are run through Verikai’s extensive machine learning models, and underwriters are given group and individual scores to base the rates off of.

Brokers will…

place groups from start to finish in one place

Upload a group census
Instantly see if the group is quotable with a list of matched underwriters
Fill in RFP information for a group once and send to all quotable underwriters
Negotiate rates within the portal