Better Insights - Better Outcomes

Insight cloud is the core of the platform. It gives you great insights into your customers, their value and ultimately how to retain and attract the most preferred. Choose an outcome and use the api to make realtime decisions. Don't have access to data? Choose from our industry leading pre-scored segments to get started right away.

Fraud Detection

More accurately identify customers with the highest probability of fraud. Use our realtime api to detect it and reduce the number of cases referred for further investigation

Accelerated Underwriting

Match our data to yours and let nDex help with the most complicated underwriting decisions. Increase face amounts of loans and insurance coverage or streamline quoting processes

Consumer Receptivity

nDex can help you find consumers that are receptive to your product offering. Life events mapped to receptivity can help you position your product to the right person at the right time

Price Elasticity

Want to know how your current customers will react to a price change or which consumers you will attract with specific price points? nDex will give powerful insights into your pricing strategy

Conversion Optimization

Reduce your CPA and increase profitability by identifying, targeting and prioritizing consumers based on their conversion rate

Lifetime Value

Identify your customers with the highest lifetime value, target consumers that look like them and optimize your leads accordingly

Examples of Predictive Power

We've seen a wide range of attributes express themselves for many different outcomes - a powerful combination of medical attributes, demographics, consumer spending and more.


Consumption and spend


Hours and patterns of sleep


Prevalence of disease


FICO score from bureaus


Ages of children in household


Individual and household income


Level of education completed


Consumer purchasing behavior

Ready to get better insights and better outcomes?