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Our specialized solutions, powered by comprehensive data and advanced analytics, are built to meet industry needs — from improving risk assessment and operational efficiency to enhancing patient care and informing health plans.

Solutions built to transform your risk assessment.

Verikai transforms risk assessment with advanced analytics, turning complex data into actionable insights for informed decision-making for the healthcare industry.

Driven by a comprehensive database encompassing medical, pharmaceutical, and behavioral data, our predictive models are the industry standard for accuracy and reliability.

Our precision risk assessment tools pave the way for improved profitability and operational excellence across the healthcare spectrum.

With Verikai’s platform you can:

  • Experience enhanced underwriting efficiency
  • Improved member satisfaction
  • Optimized resource allocation.

Discover tailored solutions for every healthcare


Risk assessment tools 

for a new era.

Commercial payers

Data analytics for 

superior patient care.


Data analytics for 

superior patient care.

Government Programs

Insights to craft effective

health programs.


Actionable analytics to

drive your consulting services.

Our reports offer a granular view of
potential risk.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Analysis

Offers insight into medical and pharmaceutical risks for a cohort. It includes risk scores, diagnosis and prescription history for the last three years, high-cost condition and drug insights, and identification of the highest risk individuals.

Expected Claims

Produces unmatched foresight into potential medical claims and their primary drivers, enabling effective financial planning and risk management. Gain actionable insights with detailed predictions of first dollar claims and the top health conditions and medications likely to influence future costs.

Population Health Report

Delivers insight into a cohort’s social determinants of health and actionable preventative health suggestions for the group.

Risk Score Report

Provides insight into the relative risk of individuals or groups compared to a standard based on age, gender, and location. It includes scores for overall risk, claim risk, and profitability. Scores include 3 years of medical and pharmaceutical history on the group, social determinants of heath, and behavioral attributes.

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