Data-Driven Risk Insights for Healthcare Payers

Healthcare consultants are trusted to guide their clients through a complex landscape with precision and foresight. Verikai’s suite of predictive analytics tools equips consultants with a deeper understanding of the variables that drive healthcare outcomes, enabling data-backed recommendations and strategic advantage.

Boost your underwriting accuracy with 
our data solutions:

Data-Driven Consulting

Leverage our expansive datasets and predictive models to offer your clients unparalleled insights into risk assessment, cost management, and patient care strategies

Enhancing Client Value

Use our analytics to provide your clients with actionable insights, driving their business decisions from good to great. Our tools help you deliver measurable results, ensuring client satisfaction and retention.

Advanced Analytics Tools

Our risk scores and predictive analytics can become a part of your consulting toolkit, allowing you to offer sophisticated advice on risk stratification, market analysis, and financial forecasting.

Data Integration Solutions

Verikai’s platform integrates seamlessly with external systems, providing a cohesive view that supports strategic planning and operational efficiency for your clients

Outpace Competitors with Targeted Analytics for Business Excellence

Whether your firm specializes in strategic planning, financial advice, or operational efficiency, our analytics provide a competitive edge that differentiates your services in the market.

Our reports offer a granular view of
potential risk.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Analysis

Offers insight into medical and pharmaceutical risks for a cohort. It includes risk scores, diagnosis and prescription history for the last three years, high-cost condition and drug insights, and identification of the highest risk individuals.

Risk Score

Provides insight into the relative risk of individuals or groups compared to a standard based on age, gender, and location. It includes scores for overall risk, claim risk, and profitability. Scores include 3 years of medical and pharmaceutical history on the group, social determinants of heath, and behavioral attributes.

Discover how consulting firms have integrated Verikai’s analytics into their services to deliver exceptional value and insights to their clients.

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