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Wakely Case Study

Looking for validation that Capture for Health increases profitability and can help grow your business? Take a look at the results of a recent study conducted by Wakely Consulting, where they conclude that Capture for Health... Read More

Underwriting Use Cases

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Using Behavioral Data to Improve Underwriting

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Data, Explained: How Verikai Uses Data And What It Means to You

When people ask me what Verikai does, I explain that we use a database of 250 million people and more than 1 trillion behavioral data points, coupled with machine learning, to create risk scores and reports for insurance... Read More

The Problem With IMQs

Most underwriters admit that medical questionnaires (IMQs) are neither fast nor accurate in predicting future insurance claims.  What’s wrong with IMQs? For starters, no one particularly likes them. Employees don’t... Read More

About Capture Scores

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Company Overview

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Stop Leaving Profit on the Table

No one likes change. It’s difficult, it’s expensive, and it’s disruptive. During the six years I spent selling core systems at Guidewire, I heard this time and again. We were asking company executives to spend millions of... Read More

Moving Past Regression and Into the Future of Complex Data

One of the biggest differences between millennials and prior generations is our comfort with and exposure to high technology from a very early age. When other generations reminisce about their car phones, brick phones, or 14.4... Read More

Capture for Health Web Portal Demonstration

Brett Coffin, Verikai CTO, demonstrates the Capture for Health web... Read More