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The Power of Predictive AI Modeling in Insurance Underwriting  

Are you struggling to understand predictive AI modeling and how it can revolutionize insurance underwriting? In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of using predictive AI modeling in underwriting and how it can help you make... Read More

Debunking Common Misconceptions about the Insurtech Industry  

Insurtech, or the use of technology to improve insurance products and services, continues to be a rapidly growing industry. Despite its many benefits, there are still misconceptions that are held about this industry. In this... Read More

Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Kate Vnuk, QA Lead at Verikai

In this Women in Tech Spotlight, we have the pleasure of introducing Kate Vnuk, one of our brilliant QA Analysts at Verikai. She shares her inspiring journey into tech and offers valuable advice for women looking to pursue a... Read More

Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Jade Moksness, Full Stack Software Engineer at Verikai

In this blog post, we get to know our rockstar Full Stack Software Engineer, Jade Moksness. Jade shares her journey into the world of software engineering and what brought her to Verikai. She also talks about her experience... Read More

Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Christine Byun, Director of Product at Verikai 

Meet Christine Byun, the driving force behind Verikai’s innovative product strategy. As the head of our product team, Christine is responsible for leading product development, defining the company’s product vision, and... Read More

Navigating Regulatory Changes in the Insurance Industry: Insights for Established Leaders and Insurtechs to Thrive

As we progress through the first quarter of the year, the insurtech revolution is transforming the insurance industry. We explore the impact of regulatory changes on organizations and provide insights on how both established... Read More

Verikai Through the Lens of a Former Actuary

Actuaries play an integral role in the underwriting process for any insurance carrier. Their ability to mix data with insights is imperative to keeping books of business afloat and underwriting new and profitable policies. So,... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Justin Smith-Sellinger, Cloud Architect at Verikai

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re highlighting our expert Cloud Architect, Justin Smith-Sellinger. He’s relatively new to Verikai, being here just shy of 3 months, and is already making great strides.... Read More

Understanding the advantages of self-funded health insurance plans

What is a Self-Funded plan? More and more employers are looking to move to self-funded health insurance plans. While fully insured plans certainly have some advantages, self-funding gives more control and flexibility to the... Read More

How Behavioral Data Should Impact Underwriting

At Verikai, we’re using data to transform the insurance underwriting process and ultimately provide our customers with the right tools to better analyze their clients’ risk.  When explaining Verikai to a new... Read More