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Using behavioral data for home insurance

Capture for Home utilizes advanced machine learning coupled with a robust database of over 250 million individuals, tracking over 5,000 behaviors to predict exposure risk against the five major perils — calibrated to your profitability and growth goals.

Behavioral data is linked to increases in severity and frequency of claims as behaviors can drive some of the biggest lifts in claims. By using this data, you can have a better understanding of the stratification of risk for your book of business.

Reduce attritional loss trends
Enhance risk segmentation
Improve underwriting efficiency
Quicker risk evaluation

Understand how homeowner behavior changes risk

Better insight. Better outcomes.

Underwrite with Verikai

Know your homeowners — no background needed. Capture for Home evaluates the frequency and severity of home claims. In addition to trillions of data points, Verikai includes coastal and non-coastal data to provide a stratification of risk through risk-exposure reports that are delivered via API within seconds of data upload.