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The Folly of Optimizing A, While Caring About B

Nearly every organization that considers partnering with Verikai will go through a proof-of-concept exercise called our “validation process”. However, Verikai’s vast behavioral database enables new machine learning... Read More

The Power of Predictive AI Modeling in Insurance Underwriting  

Are you struggling to understand predictive AI modeling and how it can revolutionize insurance underwriting? In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of using predictive AI modeling in underwriting and how it can help you make... Read More

Debunking Common Misconceptions about the Insurtech Industry  

Insurtech, or the use of technology to improve insurance products and services, continues to be a rapidly growing industry. Despite its many benefits, there are still misconceptions that are held about this industry. In this... Read More

Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Kate Vnuk, QA Lead at Verikai

In this Women in Tech Spotlight, we have the pleasure of introducing Kate Vnuk, one of our brilliant QA Analysts at Verikai. She shares her inspiring journey into tech and offers valuable advice for women looking to pursue a... Read More

Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Jade Moksness, Full Stack Software Engineer at Verikai

In this blog post, we get to know our rockstar Full Stack Software Engineer, Jade Moksness. Jade shares her journey into the world of software engineering and what brought her to Verikai. She also talks about her experience... Read More

Women Leading the Charge in Tech Spotlight Series: Highlighting Christine Byun, Director of Product at Verikai 

Meet Christine Byun, the driving force behind Verikai’s innovative product strategy. As the head of our product team, Christine is responsible for leading product development, defining the company’s product vision, and... Read More

Navigating Regulatory Changes in the Insurance Industry: Insights for Established Leaders and Insurtechs to Thrive

As we progress through the first quarter of the year, the insurtech revolution is transforming the insurance industry. We explore the impact of regulatory changes on organizations and provide insights on how both established... Read More

Verikai Launches Med/Rx to Give Insurers Robust Insights on Medical Claims & Prescription Data

SAN FRANCISCO, September 6, 2022 – Insurance technology startup, Verikai, launches Med/Rx to build on their existing product base and further optimize the underwriting process for their carrier clients. Verikai uses... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Justin Smith-Sellinger, Cloud Architect at Verikai

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re highlighting our expert Cloud Architect, Justin Smith-Sellinger. He’s relatively new to Verikai, being here just shy of 3 months, and is already making great strides.... Read More

Verikai Through the Lens of a Former Actuary

Actuaries play an integral role in the underwriting process for any insurance carrier. Their ability to mix data with insights is imperative to keeping books of business afloat and underwriting new and profitable policies. So,... Read More

Understanding the advantages of self-funded health insurance plans

What is a Self-Funded plan? More and more employers are looking to move to self-funded health insurance plans. While fully insured plans certainly have some advantages, self-funding gives more control and flexibility to the... Read More

Insurtech Insights Webinar

In this webinar, panelists Jeff Chen, Assaf Henkin, and Laura McKay explore the ways in which data-driven approaches can produce a more effective and fairer approach to underwriting. Here are some topics covered: Which customers... Read More

How Behavioral Data Should Impact Underwriting

At Verikai, we’re using data to transform the insurance underwriting process and ultimately provide our customers with the right tools to better analyze their clients’ risk.  When explaining Verikai to a new... Read More

SIIA Reinsurers Webinar

Our Senior Account Executive, Tyler Benware, and Director of Solutions Consulting, Justen Nestico, discuss how valuable a tool like Verikai is for reinsurance. Here are a few of the questions covered in the webinar: Can... Read More

Breaking into the field of Data Science with Jessica Yu

At Verikai, we consider our team culture a top priority, and a huge part of building an inclusive and innovative culture is the value we place on diversity. So today, we sat down with our very talented Data Scientist, Jessica Yu,... Read More

The Age of Insurtech for Insurance Brokers

Today’s world has been redefined by technology. Even when you look at a traditionally slow-moving industry like insurance, the pandemic and new enhancements in data have changed the “if it ain’t broke,... Read More

Health Insurance Challenges and Trends to Watch in 2022

The workplace has changed drastically since the arrival of COVID-19, which continues to fast-track digital transformation initiatives. As the insurance industry responds to rapidly evolving employee needs, the demand for... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Jean McCauley, Senior Recruiter

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re highlighting our expert recruiter and professional pelotoner, Jean McCauley. We sat down with Jean to discuss what she loves about working at Verikai, what she looks for in a... Read More

How Self-funding Improves Profits

With health care costs continuing to rise as we start off 2022, many employers have turned to self-funding as a solution to control their spend. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, “the percentage of... Read More

Verikai Awards & Recognitions

Forbes “Innovative Technology Leaders” Forbes recognizes 10 innovators leading the way in technology developments. Verikai is featured as #3 on the list as an innovative leader in insurance technology. The Silicon... Read More

NAHU’s Capital Conference 2022

Join us Feb. 28 – March 2 at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill in Washington DC for NAHU’s 2022 Capitol Conference. To schedule a meeting, please contact us at... Read More

The IMQ process is flawed. Here’s how alternative data is the solution.

Most underwriters can admit that individual medical questionnaires (IMQs) are neither efficient nor accurate in predicting future insurance claims. What’s wrong with IMQs? For starters, no one particularly likes them. Employees... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Mike Iannarone, VP of Technology

We’re back with this month’s employee spotlight, featuring Mike Iannarone, Vice President of Technology at Verikai.  With only a few months under his belt, Mike has hit the ground running. He is a talented leader who is... Read More

SIIA’s Crowdsource Forum 2021

Join us at SIIA’s crowdsourcing event from Dec. 6-8 in Charleston, SC. Contact our sales team at to schedule a... Read More

Insurtech Connect 2021

Join us at Insurtech Connect 2021 from Oct. 4-6 in Las Vegas, NV. If you’d like to set up a meeting with our sales team, let us know via email... Read More

SIIA’s Annual National Conference 2021

Join us in-person or virtually at SIIA’s 41st Annual National Conference from Oct. 3-5 in Austin, TX. If you’d like to set up a meeting with our sales team, let us know via email... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Ellie Newby, Marketing Manager

For today’s employee spotlight we sat down with Ellie, our one and only Marketing Manager! Ellie has been a one-woman show up until very recently, running all of our marketing efforts and looking good doing it! Let’s... Read More

NAHU’s Annual Convention 2021

Visit our virtual booth, June 27-29, 2021 for NAHU’s 91st Annual Convention. To schedule a meeting, please contact us at... Read More

Verikai Announces Senior Leadership Transition

Today, Verikai announced that co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hari Sundram, will transition the role of CEO to current President & Chief Revenue Officer, Jeffrey Chen, who will also be joining the board of directors.... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Lu Yu, Data Science Manager

For today’s employee spotlight, we’re highlighting the one and only Lu Yu – our data science mastermind. Lu is a crucial member of our team, we’re incredibly lucky to have him. Data science is a... Read More

Verikai Announced Insurtech Insights Future50 Winner

We are thrilled to announce Verikai has been named a Future50 insurtech from Insurtech Insights! This curated list of up-and-comers was chosen from thousands of companies across the industry and we couldn't be more honored to be... Read More

Verikai Introduces Marketplace to Simplify the Placement of Group Health Insurance for Brokers and Underwriters

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 12th, 2021 – Insurance technology startup, Verikai, has updated their user interface and with it launched their new product: Marketplace. Verikai uses machine learning models to give insurance... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Alli Golden, Director of Customer Success

Today in our Employee Spotlight series we’re shining a light on the one and only, Alli Golden, our leader of Customer Success. Alli is a ball of fun, bringing a smile to every face she works with. She has a way of making... Read More

About Our Marketplace

The Verikai Marketplace, making it easy for brokers and underwriters to cast a wider net in receiving and binding quotes, will be live in just a few weeks. Today, we are breaking down what to expect, and explaining how this new... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Developer Jacob Howard

Next up in our employee spotlight series is one of our longest standing employees, developer Jacob Howard! Jacob is a coding master and we’re very lucky to have him on the team (because besides the technical expertise,... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 questions with Product Designer Carl Brunson

Another week, another employee spotlight! Today, we sat down to chat with Carl Brunson, our AMAZING Product Designer. Carl has been hard at work enhancing our existing and future products since his start a few months back, and we... Read More

Why We are Creating a Marketplace

It is mind-boggling to look back over the last 20 years and recognize how much has changed in our world that has improved our lives. Sure, some things have made life a bit more challenging in the process (like being accessible... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 questions with Senior Solutions Consultant Justen Nestico

Welcome back to our employee spotlight series! Today we highlight Justen Nestico, our actuarial expert. Justen is a people person and a total math nerd, making him the perfect combo to tackle the role he’s in. Let’s... Read More

Employee Spotlight: 12 Questions with Product Manager Rachel Fishman

Today we kick off our first employee spotlight with our rockstar Product Manager – Rachel Fishman! Rachel has a passion for software and tech – plus people, which drew her to the cross-functionality of product management.... Read More

Verikai Announces Jeff Chen as President & Chief Revenue Officer

SAN FRANCISCO, California – January 12th, 2021 – Insurance technology company Verikai, the leading predictive risk platform utilizing behavioral data for the health insurance industry, announced the promotion of Jeff Chen to... Read More

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) Continue to Embrace Predictive Modeling Within Healthcare Underwriting

As we put 2020 behind us and look forward to a prosperous New Year, uncertainty looms across the health insurance industry. It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic led to a decrease in overall healthcare utilization in 2020,... Read More

7 Insurance Challenges & Trends to Watch in 2021

We’re two weeks away from closing out the most tumultuous year in modern history. The health insurance industry faced unprecedented swings and turns with the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent financial turmoil. As we... Read More

Taking Action in a Dynamically Changing Environment

The current landscape has pushed every one of us to adapt and change extremely fast, both personally and professionally. Remember when working from home was considered a less than productive option by many employers?... Read More

Verikai Announces Exciting Customer-Focused Rebrand

Verikai has unveiled a new logo, colors, and website in time for the SIIA conference and in preparation for their future marketplace product SAN FRANCISCO, California – October 12, 2020 – Insurance technology company Verikai... Read More

Verikai Secures $6 Million in Series A Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, California – July 8, 2020 – Insurance technology company Verikai has raised $6 million in Series A funding. Leveraging alternative data and machine learning to define risk, Verikai will use the funding to build... Read More

Wakely Case Study

Looking for validation that Capture for Health increases profitability and can help grow your business? Take a look at the results of a recent study conducted by Wakely Consulting, where they conclude that Capture for Health... Read More

Insurtech Connect 2020

We will have a virtual booth at the largest insurtech conference of the year. Stop by our booth or schedule a meeting in advance by contacting us at... Read More

SIIA’s Annual National Conference 2020

We are a silver sponsor and will have a virtual booth at SIIA’s 40th Annual National Conference and Expo. Be on the lookout for who on our team will be attending or contact us in advance to schedule a meeting at... Read More

SIIA: Self-Insured Health Plan Executive Forum 2020

Visit our booth at SIIA’s Self-Insured Plan Executive Forum March 16-18 taking place at The Belmond Charleston Place Hotel in Charleston, SC and learn about our Capture for Health portal for underwriters, actuaries and... Read More

NAHU’s Capital Conference 2020

Visit us in the NAHU Sponsors Lounge during the 30th Annual Capital Conference February 24-25 at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and learn about our Capture for Health portal for brokers.  We are happy to... Read More

Moving Past Regression and Into the Future of Complex Data

One of the biggest differences between millennials and prior generations is our comfort with and exposure to high technology from a very early age. When other generations reminisce about their car phones, brick phones, or 14.4... Read More

How Fear is Stopping your Company from Peak Performance

A lot has been written about fear, by Brene Brown, and its effects on our personal lives.  In unhealthy doses, it paralyzes us and deprives us of meaningful connections and achieving happiness.  Yet, fear can be a... Read More

Five Insuretech Predictions and How They Impact You

We are approaching the dawn of a technological revolution in insurance, one that has had a great impact on other industries in the recent past. This wave of technology washed through the banking system over the last decade, and... Read More