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Generate risk predictions, claims severity understanding and improve profitability, while gaining a 360 degree view of risk with Verikai’s Health solutions.


Better risk selection, understanding of behavioral impact to life expectancy, and improved underwriting is driven by Verikai’s Capture for Life solution.


Boost conversion rates, underwriting efficiency and profitability while minimizing loss ratios with Verikai’s Capture for Home underwriting solution.

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Say goodbye to guesswork.

Verikai delivers precise, data-driven insights.

Verikai’s cutting-edge technology provides insurers with unprecedented insights into behaviors that drive change. With Verikai, insurers can enhance their underwriting process, reduce loss ratio, and grow more profitably. Learn how Verikai can take your underwriting capabilities to the next level today.

Full-time employee College educated Asthma sufferer Medication adherence Nicotine smoker Frequent exercise

Advanced modeling techniques

Our solution uses advanced machine learning models and analytics to make better, data-driven decisions and minimize risk exposure with unparalleled accuracy.

Machine learning

Machine learning can help underwriters make more informed decisions and identify high-risk policies, while also identifying opportunities for growth and improving profitability. This can help insurance companies gain a competitive edge and better serve their customers.

No data? No problem.

With Verikai, you can effectively underwrite and reassess groups at any stage in the underwriting lifecycle, even with limited or no data, to close more business and improve profitability across your entire book of business.

Moments away from better predictions

Our dedicated Customer Success team is with you every step of the way from implementation to receiving your first risk report and beyond so that you can focus on what matters. Verikai easily integrates via API so that you and your team can use our tools with minimal to no start up time.