Minimize Risk. Maximize Accuracy.

Unlock the power of data. Verikai is the industry-leading AI-driven machine learning solution, helping you make data-driven decisions about risk quickly and with confidence.

Solutions powered to deliver a comprehensive view of group health risk.

Driven by a comprehensive database encompassing medical, pharmaceutical, and lifestyle data sets, our solutions are transforming the industry in accuracy and reliability for risk assessment in fully insured and stop loss applications.

With Verikai you can:

  • Assess group risk from fully insured to stop loss
  • Optimize decision-making with targeted insights
  • Gain a competitive edge in an evolving industry

Discover the power of Capture -the leading risk solution in the healthcare industry.

Don’t miss a costly condition or hidden risk factor in your underwriting. Capture empowers you to make data-driven informed decisions backed by the power of AI and machine learning models.


Instant insights


Claims focused insights


Comprehensive risk insights

Changing the way the industry views risk.

We’re industry experts changing the game when it comes to risk assessment. We believe in incorporating all data that leads to outcomes, not only relying on medical and pharmaceutical data but overlaying that data with lifestyle and social determinants of health (SDoH) data sets for a comprehensive understanding of risk.

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Maximize accuracy. Minimize risk.