Predictive Risk Underwriting Tool | Verikai

Better Insight.
Better Outcomes.

Verikai applies Machine Learning to more accurately assess individual and group risk for the insurance industry. Utilizing behavioral data, Verikai’s platform will help you better understand your groups and outwrite the competition.

Applied behavioral data. Informed underwriting.

Gain insight into the true health risk of 250+ million individuals with our database of over 5,000 behavioral attributes

Supplement claims

Underwrite groups accurately with limited or no data.

Replace health questionnaires

Increase precision by utilizing reliable data on individuals.

Improve risk selection

Decide which groups to confidently quote.

Increase efficiency

Upload a census and receive detailed risk reports in real-time.

Think beyond the manual

Underwriting is broken.

With current industry practices, a 25-year-old woman would be charged one of the highest premiums based on gender and age alone. With Verikai’s behavioral analytics, based on 5,000 behavior attributes for 250+ million insureds, this 25-year-old-woman and millions of others will benefit from more personalized risk-assessments and premiums.

Full-time employee College educated Asthma sufferer Medication adherence Nicotine smoker Frequent exercise